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Product Registration

Thank you for patronising Intartic a local startup with your purchase.

Pls register your product here to claim you warranty, keep up todate with our latest information and much more from our reward programs.

Product Detail

Warranty – Terms and Conditions

Warranty is applicable only for electrical products I.e powerbanks , cables , chargers and not for non electrical products covers , cases , tempered glass etc

All products under warranty carry a warranty for 6 months from the date of purchase and registeration whichever is earlier .

  1. Customer must inform Intartic about the issue related to the product on email or over the phone before the warranty period ends.
  2. Damaged products are sent back to the company for replacement. Once informed of defect, the company will inform customer whether the product will have to be returned for replacement or not. If return is required, customer must ensure it reaches the Company testing center within 10 days of the return request being logged.
  3. We will replace the product only if there is a manufacturing defect in the product.
  4. In case of any physical damage or damage inflicted by the customer (water damage, etc.) the product will not be covered as per the terms.
  5. The Testing Report issued by the Intartic Material Testing Team (IMTT) will be considered as the final report for product testing.
  6. In case replacement is recommended by the IMTT, a fresh unit will be sent to the customer, along with a refund of the return shipping charges.
  7. In case replacement is not recommended, defective unit will be sent back if customer wants it.